What We Do

Made au Québec follows media coverage of the arts scene that lives and thrives between two cultures. During the past two decades, an English-speaking arts community has become increasingly visible in Quebec, with major international recognition for such artists as Arcade Fire, Louise Penny, and Sugar Sammy.

New faces are also popping up in visual arts, dance and theatre, as well, English-speaking groups of artists continue to thrive in the Eastern Townships, the Laurentians and other regions. This website offers a good place to begin discovering this diversity of English-language creativity made au Québec.

Made au Québec website follows ELAN’s flexible understanding of who is an English-speaker or who is a Quebecker. Many Quebec artists speak, create, play, write, work, and live in several languages. They come in all varieties: old-timers, newcomers, unilinguals, multilinguals, and people who transcend categories. Made au Québec celebrates the diversity of Quebec artists making the news, and helps you find out how and where to enjoy their work.

ELAN was formed in 2005 with the purpose of creating stronger networks for the province’s many English-speaking artists, both across the various creative disciplines and with their French-speaking counterparts. Since then, ELAN has launched several high-profile projects. For more information about current and past projects, visit http://www.quebec-elan.org and follow ELAN on Facebook and Twitter.